Groom’s parents ruin honeymoon for newlywed couple

Nothing puts a romantic trip on ice like your in-laws.

A distressed newlywed couple was given a nasty shock upon arriving at their honeymoon destination to discover the groom’s parents, who gifted them the all-inclusive trip, had decided to tag along unannounced.

The bride took to Reddit on Wednesday to ask the community if it would be rude for her and her husband to ditch the intrusive parents in a truly hair-raising post that has since gone viral.

“They knock on our door regularly, waking us up at 6am, making us get all 3 meals a day with them,” she lamented. “We’ve tried telling them we wanted “alone time” for our honeymoon and they shrugged us off saying that’s what our room is for. We also tried faking illness to get out of eating with them and they just got room service to our room and sat with us while we faked stomach aches.”

To make matters worse, the woman admitted that her in-laws were not receptive when her husband suggested they had perhaps crossed a line.

“They told us that they paid for this whole thing and that as adults we’re allowed to take holidays at the same time to the same place,” she revealed.

“That is a seriously sketchy move”

Naturally, Reddit users had quite a bit to say about the intrusive parents, encouraging the couple to hop on the next train out of the resort town and spend their honeymoon elsewhere.

“Turn your cell phone off and disappear for a few days with your husband. Have a real honeymoon,” one person wrote. “Running away from his parents on a train makes for a great story 10 years from now. Being cooped up in a hotel having tea with Mom and Dad for a week makes for a terrible story 10 years from now.”

“They deliberately withheld the knowledge that they would also be there from you and your husband until you were committed to the trip and had arrived,” wrote another. “That is a seriously sketchy move, and you’re under no obligation to make your honeymoon about them.”

“This is also a really great opportunity to establish and uphold clear boundaries, something that the new in laws are clearly having troubles with,” chimed in another.

The bride later took to Reddit to say she and her husband decided to pull the trigger and run away to a neighboring town without telling his parents.

“Our train should be arriving in our final station in the next 30 mins, we’ve found a hotel that’s able to take us tonight, and we are very excited about the next 4 days,” she wrote.

No word yet on how the parents reacted.

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