‘Groomzilla’ sparks backlash with unusual wedding entrance: ‘I would be so upset’

Footage of a groom strolling into his wedding ceremony went viral on Twitter after users called out his behavior.

The post, which user @attentiveear originally shared on TikTok, showed a man moseying past audience members as he drank what appeared to be brown liquor and smoked a cigar.

“Look at the groom,” an audience member shouted. Text over the screen said “groomzilla.”

According to a commenter, the song playing in the background of the clip was “Old School New School Freestyle” by Shaunbandxx — not your typical wedding entrance song, but clearly added in post-production.

The bride was nowhere to be found, but the groom seemed to be enjoying himself greatly. It’s not clear if this was his entrance to the actual wedding ceremony, the reception or some other associated party, but there seemed to be a bridal party at the end of the aisle.

Footage at the end of the clip took on a drastically different tone as the same groom who had been partying it up earlier seemed to be asleep – he was carted out of a car into a wheelchair.

Many Twitter users were outraged.

“I would be so upset,” one wrote.

“I would actually die if my husband got that drunk on my wedding night,” another said, though it’s unclear if he was intoxicated or just acting over the top.

Some defended the groom’s behavior.

“Girl that man was obviously enjoying himself … let men enjoy things,” one user said.

“It’s his wedding too. Let him have fun. I’m sure they will have a nice honeymoon and can laugh about it later,” another wrote.

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