I can’t sleep. Any advice for mastering my insomnia?

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Hi Group Chat,

I’ve had a harder time falling and staying asleep over the past year. What products and tips do you swear by for getting a good night’s sleep every night?

Sincerely, Stressed-Out Snoozer

Dear Stressed-Out Snoozer,

Ellie Conley, who’s practically nocturnal and can’t help staying up late, says: I’ve struggled with falling asleep for as long as I can remember. I’m such a night owl; it’s like once it hits 9 p.m., I get a new burst of energy. But one thing that has helped me slow down has been Therabody’s TheraOne CBD sleep oil tincture. It’s made with all organic ingredients, including full-spectrum CBD oil, valerian root, lemon balm oil, chamomile oil and lavender oil. There are 1000-milligrams of full-spectrum CBD in one bottle, but the suggested dose is one full dropper, which contains about 30-milligrams of CBD. I’ve also tried sleep and bedtime teas, but I find that the Stress Relief Kava tea by Yogi really works best. Kava is actually derived from a plant that’s native to western Pacific islands and has been used as a sedative. Neither of them makes me feel groggy — not like a sleeping pill might. They make me feel more relaxed. Of course, anytime you’re ingesting a supplement like one of these, you should be cautious not to overuse it. And consult your doctor to make sure neither will mess with any medications you already take. Good luck!

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Source: TheraOne

Brittany Nims, whose partner snores like a freight train, says: There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for getting better sleep that doesn’t involve a night of boxed wine and a morning rummaging for the pain reliever. If your problem is that you’re an anxious sleeper, you might try a weighted blanket. I have a 15-pound weighted blanket from the folks at Brooklyn Bedding, and I can’t recommend it enough for troubled sleepers. It’s supposed to simulate the feeling of being hugged, which is something we could all probably use more of right about now. During evenings I am prepping for a really important next day, I’ll take melatonin, like these star-shaped gummy ones from Glow Habit. If all else fails, grab an eye mask (I like the mulberry silk one from Brooklinen) and a good pair of earplugs and call it a night.

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Source: Brooklyn Bedding

Antonio Dahl, whose neighbors think it’s ok to talk and shout at any time of night, says: We spend a third of our lives sleeping, so instead of defying the stats and being grumpy all day, I recommend trying these products to get a good night’s sleep. This sound machine is perfect for keeping all unwanted sounds out (or in). Unlike other sound machines, the sound is 100% analog with this one, so there are no looping digital sounds. This essential oil diffuser is perfect to put in a few drops of your favorite sleepy time or lavender essential oil. Plus, it offers a timer and several color options that work as a night light. It also doubles as a personal fog machine if that’s something you’re into.

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Jamé Jackson, who actually needs 10 hours of uninterrupted beauty sleep, says: Honey, as someone who has a man and one dog that snores, I completely feel your pain. Better yet, my dogs stretch wide as they horizontally can in the bed, essentially giving me a small space by the wall to get my beauty sleep. However, I have sworn by a white noise machine —or really any noise machine that forces me to channel my racing thoughts and slowly fall asleep. Honestly, I don’t care what sound I’m hearing, as long as it’s consistent. I also am a huge fan of melatonin. At first, I thought it was complete hoopla – but, sis, this is the real deal. I usually take mine an hour to 90 minutes before I actually want to fall asleep — the rest of the time is spent doing my nighttime routine and decompressing after a long day. Remember, your routine plays a huge part in your sleep success story! So take that melatonin, throw on a face mask and enjoy your soothing night sounds!

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TL;DR: Stick to a sleep routine as much you can, ditch the devices in your bedroom and — if all else fails — break out the noise machine and melatonin.

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