Burger King’s new vegetarian sandwich replaces meat with fried, buttery potatoes

Burger King’s Guilty Butter Croquette Sandwich is currently only available in Japan, but customers everywhere wish they could try it.

That’s because the strange, meatless menu item is drawing plenty of attention on social media. Whether they think it’s gross or great, fast-food fans around the world certainly seem curious.

It’s just the latest in a long line of international food items sparking confusion online. Just a few months ago, Burger King U.S. sparked a social media storm after announcing it was testing “Impossible Nuggets” at select restaurants. Shortly before that, McDonald’s in Singapore went viral with its “Chick N’ Cheese” burger, which featured a patty made of fried mozzarella cheese.

The Guilty Butter Croquette Sandwich is in a similar vein. According to Brand Eating, the new burger subs out the traditional beef patty for a fried potato croquette. That’s in addition to typical burger toppings like pickles, lettuce, onions, mayonnaise, cheese sauce and plenty of butter on the buns.

As The Takeout points out, this sandwich is not a vegan alternative to a Burger King Whopper. It’s got plenty of butter and cheese. However, it is lacking in the meat department — much like the French fry-filled “Chip Butty” the chain previously offered in select stores.

What seemed to catch social media’s attention, above all, was the question of how it tastes. Many Twitter users seemed excited about the potato-heavy concept.

“Progress only appears absent from society if you are averting your eyes from it,” one Twitter user joked.

“Ordered a ‘Guilty Butter Beef Burger’ from Burger King tonight, and it’s definitely the kind of ugly American [food] I can get behind,” another added.

Burger King Japan didn’t stop there, either. As Hypebeast reported, the chain also recently rolled out “Clown Sweet Fries,” a savory-sweet side dish featuring French fries covered in chocolate sauce.

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