Guy brings PlayStation into hospital room while partner is in labor

There are hard-core gamers, and then there are gamers who hook up their PlayStation in the hospital room when their significant other is in labor.

TikTok user @mayra.jazlyn went viral for her video that showed her partner playing Call of Duty: Warzone while she was waiting to give birth.

The clip, which has more than 4 million views, caused an epic debate in the comments section. While some thought the future father had found a creative way to pass the time in the hospital, others were not impressed.


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“I’ll be mad if my bf DOESN’T do this,” wrote one supporter.

“WHAT A LEGENDARY MAN,” read another enthusiastic comment.

“I don’t understand why girls get mad if the dad is being entertained,” wondered one user. “You’re in labor, what is he supposed to do, sit there and stare at you?”

Game over for dad?

But the comments were also filled with doubters, who felt that if their partners pulled a similar stunt, it would almost certainly be game over.

“If my husband did this he would be counting his days,” wrote one (hopefully) playful user. 

“Will NOT be happening in my hospital room,” wrote another user. “I’m not even letting him know that’s an option.” 

“Why do y’all allow this???,” asked another skeptical TikToker

But how does mom herself feel about the gamer’s controversial move? 

“It’s not that serious, [the] baby will be here in a few days and he will for sure be there no questions [asked], Jazlyn wrote in the comments section. “I support my gamer.”

The early stage of labor can take 24 hours or more, according to Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. So all things considered, there are probably worse ways for dad to spend his time.

At the end of the day, there’s only one opinion that matters, so this gamer dad is in the clear!

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