TikTokers turn Gwyneth Paltrow testimony into trending memes: ‘I’m just telling you the truth of what actually happened’

Gwyneth Paltrow is currently in a legal battle after a man alleged she ran into him on the ski slopes. Paltrow countersued, saying the man ran into her. Now, a trial is in motion to determine who is in the right. However, TikTokers biggest takeaway from the trial is a trending meme featuring Paltrow. 

When Paltrow took the stand, she began to tell her side of the story, saying, “I’m just telling you the truth of what actually happened. That’s all I can do.” While some people believe her — calling her “gwynocent” — others are using the audio to reenact moments where they were lying. 

“Me, after telling a story and leaving out all of the parts where I acted like a clinically insane insane deranged person who deserves to be locked up in jail,” wrote @thestunningprince.

He isn’t the only person guilty of doing this, either, as several commenters admitted to doing the same thing. 

“ME like why would i incriminate myself i will manipulate the narrative to my benefit,” said @nybent17.

While some people wanted to focus on themselves, others called out a certain subsection of the population — claiming they like to purposely leave out information. 


*shows you their text thread and swipes past all their deranged messages* #astrology #astrologytiktok #cancer #pisces #libra #watersigns #airsigns

♬ original sound – Keith Edwards

“Cancer, libra, and pisces placements telling their side of the story and leaving out all the parts that were actually their fault,” wrote @evathevirgo in her post. 

Some of the people who fit into those astrology placements felt seen afterwards.

“Libra sun cancer moon,” said @cashoutap. “I mean we’re not gonna talk about my reaction when they started it.”

Paltrow’s trial is still underway and has yet to reach a verdict, but TikTokers have already gotten something they can use out of it. 

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