Gym employees can see the last time you checked in: ‘I’m too embarrassed’

A gym worker revealed they can see how frequently members visit each time someone checks in. 

TikToker @cdotfitness is a fitness trainer. He posted a short skit about his feelings toward customers who haven’t checked in for a very long time. Most people were mortified at the thought of gyms tracking their visits. Others noted that canceling memberships at gyms is notoriously difficult

“When someone checks in the gym nd it says ‘no check in in 1000 days,'” the video text said.

The gym employee made a stunned face at the information on the computer. 

“Not my business,” the caption stated

According to, gyms track member attendance for business reasons.

“Having a growing and consistent clientele helps ensure your fitness business stays afloat, and tracking your gym attendance allows you to analyze how your gym’s attendance rate affects your business,” the gym software company states

The video racked up 2.4 million views. But people didn’t exactly agree with the sentiment. 

“Why yall even trackin this?” one person wrote

“Ok? Great that they’re going again,” a TikToker replied

“Don’t make it so hard to cancel the memberships,” someone commented

“I haven’t been in over a year and I’m too embarrassed to go and cancel it,” a user added

“Be a lot simpler if y’all could just cancel memberships through the phone,” a person replied

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