Dad shares brilliant hack to keep his baby off of the staircase

This TikTok parent shared a brilliantly simple trick for keeping your baby from climbing up a staircase! The hack? Use a card table!

Jeremy and Ciara (@keepingitkilpatrick) are parents and TikTokers who share funny and relatable parenting content. The couple are parents to several kids, including a baby who is just starting to walk. Along with her newfound mobility, the baby has become increasingly curious, trying to explore places her parents don’t want her to go. That’s why Jeremy recently came up with a creative solution for keeping the baby off of the staircase: He uses a card table to block her way!

The video begins with a shot of the baby, who is wearing a pink sweatsuit. The baby approaches the staircase which leads to the upper floors of Jeremy and Ciara’s home. However, when she reaches the stairs, she finds her way blocked. 

Dad hack,” a caption reads. “When the baby cage doesn’t work and I’m tired of getting her off the stairs.”

Instead of a baby gate, Jeremy has placed a black card table onto the stairs. The card table has the perfect length and width to completely block the first few steps of the staircase.

The baby approaches the card table, then uses it to steady herself as she stands up. Next, she tries to crawl up the stairs, but is blocked by the table. She places her hands and knees onto the table, trying to climb up it, but finds the surface too slippery. 

Nevertheless, the curious baby makes several attempts to climb the card table. Eventually, she gives up, and slides down the table and onto the floor. The video ends with the baby sitting on the floor near the staircase.

Viewers applauded the innovative dad hack—as well as the adorable baby. 

“Here is the start of the greatest wall climber. Next challenge: mountains,” wrote one viewer. 

“Never thought I’d see a million dollar idea in the making. Better capitalize my friend,” another TikToker commented. 

“Such a smart idea! But wait til she figures out how to grab the sides,” another viewer chimed in. 

Jeremy’s card table hack might not be a permanent solution for keeping his baby off the stairs, but it’s certainly a creative one! 

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