Simplify parenting with these product hacks

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Being a parent never gets less demanding — all you can do is your best with what you’ve got.

In this episode of In The Know’s Parenting Wins, hosts Andrea and Jose combine their child-rearing wisdom to share their favorite product hacks to simplify parenting. 

Babies do not come with an instruction manual,” Andrea says. “Sometimes you just wish they were like little hacks, anything that could make parenting just a little bit easier.”  

Here are some products that do just that:

1. RaZBaby Keep-It-Kleen Clownfish Pacifier 

“You look at this, you think it’s an ordinary pacifier. There’s a secret to it,” Jose says. “You drop it, it closes up automatically.”  

The BPA-free pacifier is instantly protected from the elements, thanks to a snap enclosure that releases on impact. No need to keep washing the same pacifier over and over again with this miracle worker. 

2. Baby Uma Stroller Hooks

These sturdy, heavy-duty hooks can make navigating life with a stroller that much easier. 

“These little hooks are something that easily attach to my stroller,” Andrea says. “So I can easily load that extra dance bag on. Or if I need to go to the grocery store, I can load my grocery bags on here.” 

3. Boon Grass Countertop Baby Bottle Drying Rack 

Not only is the Boon drying rack aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also incredibly functional. 

“Let’s talk about how this is a bed of grass, that looks real cute no matter where you place it. No matter what the backdrop is,” Jose says. “These little blades of grass are super flexible, so you put your bottles here. You can put your utensils, bowls, pumping supplies.” 

4. Laundry Mesh Bags

Infant-sized clothes tend to get eaten up by washing machines and dryers to be lost forever. These mesh laundry bags keep your delicates, socks or baby’s clothes together. 

“Super easy, high-quality zippers,” Andrea says. “You just pop in the matching socks, the little onesies, anything that you want to stay together. [Then] throw in the wash.” 

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