TikToker reveals little-known trick for ordering ‘secret’ fast-food menu items

The “secret” fast-food site, #HackTheMenu, is getting plenty of love — thanks to one viral TikTok.

In the clip, a popular user who goes by the name Matty McTech (@setupspawn) showed viewers how to find out the hidden menu items at almost any fast-food chain. It’s as simple as typing in a URL.

Fast-food hacks are a longstanding trend on TikTok. In the past, users have shared their discoveries of secret menu items like a “Cloudy Skies” drink at Taco Bell, “Dragon Sauce” at Chipotle and a “Nature’s Cereal” drink at Starbucks.

Matty’s hack, meanwhile, has the chance to put all of those tricks to shame. His tip is to visit a website called #HackTheMenu, which features breakdowns of off-menu items at most fast-food chains.

In the video, Matty goes to the website and shows off the layout, which allows users to click on any fast-food chain they want. From there, it lists all known hidden menu items available at that chain.

“It will give you a list of secret menu items they don’t want you to know about,” Matty says in his clip.

The website even shares which locations have which secret items available.

TikTok users were torn over the hack. Some were doubtful of how up-to-date the site was, or whether employees would really want to prepare so many off-menu items for customers.

“Problem is most people taking your order don’t know what these are,” one user wrote.

Others were much more grateful.

“This is the most useful TikTok,” another user wrote.

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