Young woman ends up in the emergency room after hair transformation goes wrong

A woman’s attempt to dye her hair went horribly wrong when half of her face swelled up so badly that she ended up in the hospital.

TikTok user @ser.gaya’s video, which was first shared in the summer of 2021 but continues to gain traction, put the reaction on display.

According to BuzzFeed, the 19-year-old was attempting to dye half of her hair black when she had an allergic reaction to paraphenylenediamine (PPD) — a common ingredient in dark hair dye.

At the time, @ser.gaya was no stranger to dyeing her own hair, so she ignored the swelling she experienced. She said she had been doing it for 13 years and was used to the irritation.

It became impossible to ignore the next morning. Her boyfriend woke her up because the freshly dyed half of her head was so swollen.

Taking Benadryl didn’t ease her symptoms, so her mom took her to the emergency room. Doctors there said they had “never seen anything like this before,” and gave her a cream to treat the symtoms.

“My face and eyes were getting even bigger by the minute,” @ser.gaya told BuzzFeed. She said her face also went numb and she experienced chemical burns.

After that, she had to go to an urgent care facility for steroid pills. Professionals recommended additional Benadryl and ice packs.

It took a solid five days for her symptoms to completely go away.

This is a key reason why patch tests are so important — not only are they a preview of how the dye will affect your hair, but they can reveal potentially dangerous skin allergies as well.

Naturally, @ser.gaya repeatedly recommended patch tests for anyone who wants to avoid the same reaction as her.

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