Woman shares horrifying results from nightmare hair appointment: ‘I can’t even look at myself’

Treating yourself to a salon hair care experience is typically a luxury, but for one woman, it turned into the hair fail of her nightmares.

TikTok user @itsjayonce222, whose name is Jackie, shared the “worst thing” a salon had ever done to her — and commenters agreed it was horrifying.


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“So this is how I started out, super cute… overall, I think it was pretty cute. I really, really liked it, just wanted to go lighter for summer,” she said, showing off a picture of what her hair looked like just before the visit. “Just a little bit lighter — sorry if my voice is cracking, but I’m literally starting to cry thinking about this.”

Jackie then showed the look she asked for, which was an ashy blonde take on the lob she already had.

She then shared the look she ended up with after a whopping eight hours in the salon. It was lighter, for sure, but looked bleached and the heat had fried it.

“It’s worse than what I had expected. I am so sorry for you! I hope you didn’t have to pay for that,” one TikTok user wrote in response.

“My eyes popped out of my head,” another said.

In an update, Jackie shared that her hair now looks a lot better after a few months of intense treatment.

“It felt so gummy and so melted,” Jackie said of her hair after the product had been washed out at the salon. She told the stylist to please stop working on it, paid for the service then left without tipping her.

“Look at me. I can’t even look at myself,” she said. “It took me so long to be able to look in the mirror.”

Luckily, Jackie seems to be much more comfortable with her look now. Hopefully, her story serves as a warning to those considering even a small change to their hair: Read customer feedback before booking with a stylist!

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