3 hair loss myths you should stop believing, like, right now

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Sure, it’s true that two out of three men start losing their hair by 35, but the reasons are not as simple as you may think. If you’ve heard that hair loss has a lot to do with wearing hats too often or the shampoo you’re using, it’s time for a reality check. Before you can combat the problem, it’s important to understand what really is and isn’t causing hair loss. Below are three hair loss myths that are just plain false, so stop believing them stat.

Hair Loss Myths

1. Shampooing your hair too often causes hair loss. While you may not need to wash your hair every single day, doing so won’t actually cause your hair to fall out. Make no mistake about it – regularly cleansing your hair and scalp is just as important as washing your face, hands and other body parts. Though you don’t have to do it every single day, washing your hair with shampoo is an important part of any good hair care routine. And if you happen to see a few strands during your shampoo session? Rest assured, some shedding is totally normal. If you’re concerned you’re losing more hair than you should, your shampoo isn’t the culprit.

2. Stress causes ongoing hair loss. We all feel stressed and anxious from time to time, and yes, this can result in temporary hair loss. But let’s be clear: male pattern baldness is a permanent medical condition related to genetics and hormones, not day-to-day stress.

3. Wearing hats causes hair loss. With cold winter weather blowing in, you may be tempted to skip hats to help keep hair loss at bay. It’s often said that hats, and wool hats in particular, cause baldness, but that’s not true. Wearing a wool hat very frequently without care for how you’re putting it on and taking it off can cause breakage for some hair types, but the wool hat itself won’t make you go bald. If you’re still not convinced, you can read more about hats and hair loss here.

While the reasons above aren’t what’s causing you to lose hair, the fact still remains that many people experience hair loss for various valid reasons. While it may seem like a predisposition to hair loss is beyond your control, it is possible to prevent future hair loss.

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