The hair tinsel fashion trend of the 2010s is making a comeback

This 2010s hair trend is making is spreading like wildfire again thanks to TikTok

Hair tinsel is a way to create a whimsical statement with minimal effort. It was popular years ago, but now once again people are weaving wispy strands of shimmering tinsel into their hair. The effect is festive and eye-catching. But perhaps most importantly, it’s easy to achieve, particularly on fine and straight hair.

It’s no wonder the hashtag #hairtinsel has 59.5 million views on TikTok.

The hair tinsel TikTok trend  


I didn’t think i’d love it as much as i did. I felt like an early 20’s pop star #fyp #foryou #tinselhair

♬ original sound – Agnes Solaru

“I didn’t think I’d love it as much as I did. I felt like an early 2000s pop star,” @ishymon said of her purple hair tinsel

The tinsel strands made it appear as though she had purple metallic highlights.

TikToker @kassgonz23 was reluctant at first but her hair looked dazzling with silver hair tinsel. 

People like @martinamicole have downright started hoarding hair tinsel in multiple colors. Although, getting the tinsel into her hair wasn’t as easy as she hoped. 


No one asked but I delivered anyways #hairtinsel

♬ everyday – favsoundds

TikToker @ameiliamaye showed how to achieve the hair tinsel look in a quick video.

How to get the hair tinsel look:

Step 1: Separate a very small section of your hair. 

Step 2: Take a strand of tinsel and tie it around the strand using a slip knot. Be sure to tie the knot as close to the root as possible. 

Step 3: Repeat the previous step on the same strand until the tinsel is as visible and pronounced as you like it. 

Step 4: Cut any excess tinsel to the length of your hair. 

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