Woman criticizes hairstylist after apparent photo editing blunder

A woman shared her shock after noticing what appeared to be slight alterations to a selfie she sent her hairdresser.

TikTok user @spaghettileti6969 said in a video that her stylist requested a photo of her with her new balayage to share on social media. When she saw the post, though, it looked a little off.

The video showed the picture she sent her hairdresser unedited, then showed the picture she claimed her hairdresser posted.

Credit: TikTok/@spaghettileti6969

There were clear differences between the two. The second appeared to show eye makeup, airbrushed skin and a smaller nose that were not present in the first image.

“That one there was a violation,” the TikTok user wrote in her caption.

Many commenters weren’t fans of the apparent edits.

“This is kind of everything that’s wrong with our society though,” one wrote.

“That selfie is too gorgeous! I can’t believe he edited it – so rude,” another said.

“This is vile, the original is so much better. You are stunning. Hope he’s lost a customer,” a third added.

Others thought the hairdresser did a pretty good job with the tweaks.

“Any chance of his details so I can send him selfies to edit…?” one said.

“That picture he edited is amazing,” another wrote.

Regardless of how aesthetically pleasing the edits were, even the tiniest of changes can have an effect on our own self-perception.

In a TikTok about Kylie Jenner’s alleged Photoshop tweaks, user @residualdata explained how small edits can make people strive for goals that are not achievable.

She said women who compare themselves to celebrities or even idealized versions of themselves that were attained by editing can fall short and end up dissatisfied, which can be harmful in many ways.

It’s probably best for @spaghettileti6969 to stick to her lovely, unedited photos … and maybe find a new hairdresser.

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