Hairdresser uses art accessories to add glamor to his hairstyles

Hairdresser Antonio Estrada is known for his unconventional braiding embellishments. Estrada uses common items to create the effect of unique headpieces that seamlessly weave into the hair. He then posts some of the playful hairstyles on Instagram. 

For those worried that at-home braids are too complicated, Estrada’s Instagram proves they’re actually a lot more DIY than they appear. 

“Four techniques under one minute!!!” Estrada said in the caption. “Rings, chains, rope and stickers. All techniques are pretty simple and some may need four hands instead of two. All accessories purchased at Michael’s. What will I come up with next?” 

In the first look, Estrada brushes the client’s hair back and uses large metal rings to weave it through. The result is something that resembles a futuristic fishtail braid. Next, he uses a long, thin metal chain. The kind you might see on a keychain. Estrada uses the chain as an extra strand of hair as he braids it into a plait. 

The third look uses a rainbow rope. Instead of a hair tie or clip, Estrada uses the rope to secure the top section of an up-down hairstyle. In the final technique, he places pearl-like stickers on the top section of a perry winkle up-down for a more whimsical aesthetic. 

Estrada’s video received 20,000 views with many Instagram users dazzled by his skills. 

“You make it all look so easy,” one user wrote

“Yo, you are dope,” another said.

“I love them all but that second technique I WANT in my head,” an Instagram user said

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