Who is Haley Sharpe? YodelingHaley is best-known for her TikTok dance videos

YodelingHaley aka Haley Sharpe is building a rabid TikTok following of millions. 

Sharpe first went viral in 2019 when a video of her dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” spread like wildfire. Since then she has earned over 3.5 million followers who tune in for her dance and comedy videos. 


performing dances from the wii game “michael jackson the experience” till theres no more dances day2

♬ smooth criminal – haley sharpe

Who is Haley Sharpe? 

Sharpe was born in Alabama on Oct. 22, 2002, and is currently 18 years old, according to Famous Birthdays. Her mother Leslie is a lawyer and her father is a professional guitarist. She has two younger siblings, Ian and Julia. 

She is best known for inventing the viral “Say So” dance


and here’s the dance🤪🥰 and THANK YOU FOR 10 MILLION HEARTS OMG THAT’S CRAZY

♬ Say So – Doja Cat

In 2019, Sharpe created a dance to rapper Doja Cat’s hit song “Say So.” It went so viral that Doja Cat featured Sharpe and her original choreography in the official video. 

Sharpe has reservations about being a TikTok celebrity

The teenager is sometimes uneasy about going viral and having millions of eyes on her.

“I didn’t really like that people were finding out, since I never asked for everyone to know about it,” Sharpe told Vox. “It’s cool, but it’s also weird to think I’m sitting here and somebody out there — more than somebody — is watching my videos right now. Constantly somebody is watching one. That’s so weird for me.”

But that doesn’t mean she wants any of the fame to go away. 

“I feel like my biggest fear is just fading into like, nobody remembers me on TikTok,” Sharpe told Vox. 

She has made a lot of new connections IRL because of TikTok

Sharpe told Vox that being TikTok-famous has made her happier because “it’s fun and it makes me feel creative.” 

Although she was surprised when the kids at school recognized her from the viral “Smooth Criminal” TikTok, she has made lots of friends. 

“I don’t even mean this in a bad way, but a lot of people are nicer to me,” Sharpe told Vox. “I don’t know how to put it, but I’ve become friends with more people because they’re interested. Not even in a clout-chasing way, but they’re interested in what it’s like.”

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