Halo fan spent 5 years building a 7-foot-long UNSC frigate out of LEGO

A Halo fan has finally finished his 5-year project of building a United Nations Space Command frigate using LEGO.

Steve Witt has been tracking the progress of his Halo LEGO project on his Flickr page. After five years of work, he unveiled the finished product in an interview with the Brothers Brick, a website dedicated to covering the adult LEGO community.

Halo fans will immediately recognize Witt’s creation as a Paris-class heavy frigate which was featured heavily in the Halo: Reach campaign. It’s a class of ships fielded by the United Nations Space Command, humanity’s supreme military body in the Halo universe, which is at war with the alien Covenant Empire.

Credit: Steve Witt

Witt named his ship the UNSC Katara after the waterbender from Avatar: The Last Airbender. He was inspired to begin building the ship after he saw an angled bumper piece, as he told the Brothers Brick.

“It allowed me to achieve the shape I wanted very easily so I bought every one I could get my hands on,” he revealed.

The UNSC Katara is almost 7 feet tall and a whopping 112 pounds. A piece this impressive deserves to be shown off, and if you want to see it yourself, you’re in luck. The USNC Katara is currently on display at the Rogue Brick Builders Lounge in Fort Worth, Texas.

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