Group of hammerhead sharks circle beachgoers near shoreline in Florida

A group of hammerhead sharks was captured circling beachgoers off the coast of Florida. Luckily, everyone involved was left unscathed. 

On May 29, several hammerhead sharks were spotted amongst swimmers in Pensacola, Fla. Footage of the sharks showed the hammerheads circling the waters then separating. They swam toward the shore, where beachgoers watched and captured video. 

While people were shocked the oceanic predators had mixed and mingled with humans, most people remained calm. Some people even managed to get fairly close and walk alongside the sharks. 

Jaqueline Lesso was boating with friends at the beach when the incident unfolded. Two hammerheads managed to swim under her daughter’s rubber raft while the girl was lounging on top with friends. 

“None of the sharks were aggressive in any way, and the screaming was more of excitement than hysteria,” Lesso told Fox 10. “A lesson learned to keep your cool and stay calm.” 

Another beachgoer, Lacey Faciane, who was marooned on a raft while the hammerheads swam past her, was grateful for the experience. 

“They were right up on the shore. I mean, we were in at least knee, waist-deep water, so they were right up on shore,” Faciane told Fox 10. “Usually, you have to pay for that, and we didn’t have to pay for that. So, yes, it was an awesome experience.”

Hammerheads rarely pose a threat to humans and are considered safe for divers in open waters. The sharks typically won’t attack unless agitated.

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