Show dad some love this Father’s Day with these 5 DIY gifts

Handmade crafts are a great way for kids to show their love for dad on Father’s Day. As lovely as store-bought presents are, a homemade gift from the heart is always worth its weight in gold. From a DIY trophy to a Rubik’s Cube made of photos, there are countless kid-friendly Father’s Day craft ideas on TikTok. Here are 5 clever, homemade gifts to celebrate dad this Father’s Day.

1. Father’s Day DIY Personalized Trophy

A DIY trophy is a fun way to tell dad they’re a champion. And the best part is, this homemade trophy is composed of items you can find at any dollar store. Start constructing the base by gluing a dog bowl upside down on a circular piece of foam. Next, attach a plastic container to the dog bowl, followed by an ice bucket with two curved foam board handles on each side. Finally, add words and decorations before covering the homemade trophy with gold spray paint

2. Father’s Day DIY Paper Suit Flower Bouquets


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Dad will love these dapperly dressed paper flower bouquets. First, fold two sheets of origami paper into cones. Next, place one cone inside the other, then fold out the edges of the exterior paper to form a lapel. Fill the cone with a bunch of flowers made from pieces of delicately cut and folded paper. Finally, paste a bow tie between the paper lapels, then glue several buttons down the center underneath the lapel folds.  

3. Father’s Day DIY Photo Cube

This DIY photo cube is a fun way to display your favorite photos of dad. Start by removing the stickers from a Rubik’s Cube. Next, use decoupage glue to adhere pictures on each side of the cube. Once dry, carve through the photo along the lines of the cube using a knife with a fine blade. Finally, paint another layer of decoupage glue over the cube to cement the images and seal any loose edges. 

4. Father’s Day DIY Candy Bouquet


DIY Father’s Day candy bouquet! $11 compared to the $20 store made! #fathersdaygiftideas #candy #secret #candybar #diy #craft #dad #fypシ #foryourpage

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Dads with a sweet tooth will love this homemade candy bouquet. First, glue boxes of candy together to make a vase. Next, place a floral foam block inside the candy box vessel. Then glue various candy bars to the tips of skewers and let them dry. Finally, stick the skewers into the foam block to form a sweet bouquet of candy bars. 

5. Father’s Day DIY Handprint & Footprint Key Chain

These DIY handprint and footprint key chains are a sweet and functional keepsake. Begin by carving out the top and bottom of a plastic takeout box with a P6 recycling label. Next, cover the bottom of your little one’s hand and foot with non-toxic paint. Then press your child’s paint-covered hand and foot onto each piece of plastic. Cut around the hand and footprints to remove excess plastic, then make a sizable hole in the center above the paint. Finally, pop them in the oven for 3-4 minutes at 300 degrees Fahrenheit and string a keychain through the hole once the shrunken plastic cools.

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