We put TikTok’s hands-free egg yolk hack to the test

Do you find yourself suffering while trying to separate your egg yolk from the whites?

This TikTok hack allegedly eliminates the stress that plagues me day in and day out when it comes to separating my eggs — I am very much kidding, as I am rarely separating eggs. BUT for all you chefs and bakers out there, this could very well be a major time-saver, and it only requires an empty plastic water bottle.

What is TikTok’s egg yolk hack?

With this hack, TikTok promises that a plastic water bottle can almost effortlessly suck the yolk from a cracked egg. This is a win for people who hate getting egg-juice-jelly-sludge all over their hands, and it’s also a repurposing win for environmentalists everywhere! 


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How will we test the egg yolk hack?

When I think of a true “hack,” I want time-saving efficiency. I don’t want to clean up afterward, and I barely want to think about it during the process.

To really examine the effectiveness of this hack, we’re going to see how many egg yolks I can separate in one minute using both the traditional method and TikTok’s water bottle hack.

The final results

I’m split on this hack.

On the one hand, separating eggs the traditional way was faster. I was able to cleanly separate three egg yolks in one minute, while the water bottle method only separated two.

But on the other hand, the TikTok hack is a lot cleaner — you just toss the eggshells and recycle the plastic bottle once you’re done. No cleanup!

Ultimately, for all you eggheads out there, it really depends on what you’re looking for: Speed or cleanliness.

Now, does anyone know what I can do with five egg yolks?

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