Hannah Bronfman’s latest collab gives us the ‘moments of calm’ we need right now

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When it came time to launch her latest collaboration in early June, Hannah Bronfman read the room and decided that it just wasn’t the right time.

The HBFIT founder was gearing up for the release of the CBD Bath Bomb with Highline Wellness, which she had been working on for nearly three years. But with Black Lives Matter protests happening around the country and spurring important conversations and action around racial injustice and police brutality, Bronfman and the Highline Wellness team delayed the launch until the end of the month.

“With everything going on with the BLM movement, and all of the protests and all of the triggering content that we have been just subjected to, it just felt like we needed to delay,” Bronfman told In The Know’s Gibson Johns during a recent interview. “It just didn’t feel like the right time. And, although there’ve been so many amazing conversations around Black-owned businesses, Black-owned products, how to support the Black economy, I just wanted to wait for a moment where things didn’t feel so fragile and triggering.”

Part of the product‘s reengineered release involved making sure that it would also have an impact: Instead of just delaying out of respect for the reckoning happening in the country and moving on, Bronfman and Highline Wellness wanted to use the launch to acknowledge that the fight for racial justice is far from over.

And, so, 25 percent of profits from the CBD Bath Bomb will go to Black nonprofits, with Highline Wellness also donating 10 percent of profits from all of its products to the NAACP, the ACLU, the Equal Justice Initiative and CampaignZero. Additionally, the brand will be donating 100 products to frontline workers fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

“Walking the walk is such an ethos of mine throughout my entire life, and being able to do that with this product launch with a brand that actually is committed to doing good just feels [like] what’s right. I think now more than ever, consumers are super conscious about where their dollars are going,” Bronfman explained. “This came up even before [the BLM protests in June] — really because of the pandemic. I am someone who does get gifted a lot of stuff, and it just seems really contrived and unfair that people who only have Instagram followings can receive free product.

“People who have been affected by the pandemic, have lost their jobs, are single parents, are dealing with [BLM] and all the triggering content, who just need a break — so we’re excited to have that angle of this,” the influencer said of gifting Highline Wellness product to first responders as part of her collaboration. “I want to make a product that real people want to use, and that can affect their lives in an uplifting way.”

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CBD Bath Bomb

For Bronfman, the new CBD Bath Bomb that she created in collaboration with Highline Wellness represents an opportunity for anyone who feels overwhelmed by everything that has been happening this year to give themselves “moments of calm,” which we can all forget about.

“The reason why I also wanted to push forward and launch this product is because I truly believe that this product will help people feel better,” she told ITK. “Now more than ever, we realized how much self care really does matter to our day-to-day lives. I think we’re seeing — obviously, this is a pandemic, but this is a real anxiety pandemic.

“We are seeing people so scared, angry, fragile, confused, outraged. And, if we don’t find those personal moments of calm, then we can’t really operate at our optimal,” Bronfman added. “And it’s really quite important now more than ever that we slow down, choose our words wisely and precisely, because now is the moment where our voices finally are being amplified.”

Bronfman’s desire to create her own bath bomb stemmed from her longtime interest in creating bath moments for herself, something she also highlighted in her 2019 book, “Do What Feels Good.”

“I’m very much entrenched in the wellness world, and I consider myself like a little bit of a wizard,” she said with a laugh. “I love to concoct potions in my kitchen and in my bath, so I love to mix different salts and different essential oils and fragrances mixed with different powders. I’m always creating some vibe for the bath, and when I wrote my book, ‘Do What Feels Good,’ in 2019, I included nine different bath recipes.

“The bath is a very healing place, and it can really be very specified for different ailments, whether it’s sore muscles, or detoxifying, or simply to heal itchy skin,” Bronfman added. “There are so many things that you can do with the bath to really honestly help your mind, body, and soul.”

When it came to the Highline Wellness x HBFIT CBD Bath Bomb, then, Bronfman knew what she was doing. She wanted to create a multi-purpose product that would be both “relaxing” and “skin-soothing.”

“This specific bath bomb is really more of the relaxing components, but also skin-soothing,” she explained. “Calendula is one of those amazing ingredients that is just the cure-all for any irritations that you’re having. Rose powder is extremely hydrating, and lots of times baths can strip you of some of that hydration.

“What I love about the CBD is that, I think people forget that everyone has an endocannabinoid system in their body. Our bodies respond very well to this plant, and specifically the isolate of CBD. And, when you’re in the water, and your pores are open, you are getting the full effect of the CBD,” she furthered. “We wanted a pretty good dose in there to help just calm, relax, bring that nervous system to a rest and relax mode, take you out of that fight-or-flight mode and really just have this be a moment of grounding and calm.”

Shop the Highline Wellness x HBFIT CBD Bath Bomb here, and listen to our full interview with Hannah Bronfman here.

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