Clothespin Hanukkah menorah is a great and easy craft for kids

This easy menorah craft is perfect for Hanukkah this year. 

Artist and illustrator Timm Sevitz provides tons of simple craft tutorials for people of all ages. Last year, he did a quick DIY on how to make a simple but thoughtful menorah. The word “menorah” is Hebrew for “lamp” but usually refers to the seven- or nine-branched candelabra used in Jewish worship. 

The Hanukkah menorah is symbolic of the expulsion of Judah Maccabee from the Temple of Jerusalem. When Maccabee and his followers needed oil for the temple’s menorah, they only had enough for one day. 

But, miraculously, it burned for eight days. Today, a Hanukkah menorah has eight branches for each day and an additional “shammes” or “servant candle.”

“This is a great craft anyone can make for Hanukkah,” the video text said

He used clothespins as the nine candles on the menorah. Then he decorated each with a different blue and white colored washi tape. Next, he used orange construction paper cutouts as the flames.

For the menorah’s base, he used cardboard decorated with washi tape and attached each candle clothespin. Voila — a menorah was born!

“This is so simple and fun!” a user wrote

“So cute,” another said. 

“Super!!! Thx,” a TikToker replied

“Thank you so much. I can’t wait to use it this year,” the crafter responded to the comments. 

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