Harrowing clip shows three off-leash dogs charge at another pet owner

A terrifying clip currently going viral on TikTok shows three off-leash dogs charge at a man who was walking with his own pet.

The video, which is timestamped April 25, 2017, was shared by dog trainer Jonas Black on TikTok on Feb. 1, where it has since been viewed over 11.8 million times.

In the clip, which appears to have been recorded by a security camera, a man can be seen walking a large dog on a leash near a parking lot when suddenly, three medium-sized dogs who are not wearing leashes enter the frame and begin swarming the man and his pet.

The man tries to beat the dogs away from his pet when a woman, believed to be the owner of the three attacking dogs, runs over and tries to help break up the fight. A third person then rushes in to help.

“Keep dogs on leash,” Black captioned the video.

Black’s followers were equally outraged by the clip, with some asserting that the female dog owner acted so irresponsibly her dogs should be rehomed.

“The fact she has THREE that are acting aggressive and aren’t on leashes, she needs to not own anymore,” wrote one user.

“Honestly the owner should be arrested for have 3 untrained aggressive dogs not on a leash,” said another.

“My blood seriously boiled,” wrote another.

Several states have statewide dog leash laws and requirements, although some chose to allow local governments to pass their own regulations, according to Edgar Snyder & Associates Law Firm. To learn the dog leash laws in your home state, including fees and penalties for breaking such rules, check out the firm’s website.

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