‘Harry Potter’ fans baffled after discovering ‘secret’ movie moment

A Harry Potter post-credits scene is going viral on TikTok — mainly because most fans had no idea it existed.

Thanks to TikTok, Harry Potter fanatics have discovered all kinds of hidden Easter eggs, including shocking casting trivia and a creepy “Mandela effect” moment.

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Now, fans are learning that the series’ second film, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, features an extra scene.

TikTokers have @perfect.dodge to thank for the discovery. In a recent video, the user broke down the post-credits scene, sparking some extreme reactions from fans.

One such reaction came from Holly Auna, who filmed herself fast-forwarding the movie all the way to its end. Then, she showed her followers the scene.


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“You can’t honestly tell me that I’ve seen this movie a million times and I’ve never seen the ending scene,” Auna says in her clip.

The TikToker then proceeds to play the scene, which depicts a poster of Gilderoy Lockhart, the wizard who teaches Harry’s Defense Against the Dark Arts class during his second year at Hogwarts.

Near the end of Chamber of Secrets, Lockhart accidentally wipes his own memory with a misfired spell. As the post-credits scene shows, his memory never recovers.

The “secret” scene shows that Lockhart is now being kept at St. Mungo’s, a fictional hospital for wizards suffering from mental illness. As Auna points out, this reveal tracks with information that is revealed in the book series but was kept out of the films.

Needless to say, Harry Potter fans were shocked by the revelation. Many wrote that they had no idea the movie featured a bonus scene at the end.

“How did I miss that?” one user wrote.

“OK this is amazing,” another added.

Others were quick to signal their status as true Potterheads, writing that they’d noticed the scene before.

“How have people actually not seen this?” one user wrote.

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