Hasan was saved by a stream sniping troll during Twitch’s Fall Guys tournament

Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker and his team were struggling during the Twitch Rivals Fall Guys tourney until they received help from an unexpected ally.

An alleged stream sniper (someone who stalks a streamer’s games, typically in order to harass them) who was sabotaging Hasan in earlier games had a change of heart. When Hasan appealed to the stream sniper for help, they apparently heard and grabbed onto another player who was posed to win, buying Hasan enough time to cinch the victory.

Twitch Rivals is a tournament series hosted by Twitch itself with an informal format. On August 28, Twitch held its first week of Fall Guys tournaments with 80 streamers organized into teams of four members each. Rather than facing off directly against one another in private matches, teams queued up for public games and earned points based on how well they performed.

Both viewers and competitors have criticized this format as unengaging and more dependent on luck than skill. The same format was used for Twitch’s Apex Legends tournament in 2019 where teams queued into random public matches rather than facing off directly against each other.

In Hasan’s case, it was a rare moment when a stream sniper actually helped a streamer win rather than impeding them. In fact, the mysterious ninja-costumed sniper who secured Hasan the crown was actually trolling the streamer in all his previous games that day. 

“Even stream snipers Azan? hasMods,” a redditor on /r/LivestreamFail said, referencing the running joke of Hasan always “getting away with it.” Hasan’s viewers spam his channel’s emote (basically Twitch’s equivalent of an emoji) “hasMods” whenever he discusses romance and relationships, a reference to his broad sexual appeal.

Unfortunately, Hasan’s team wasn’t able to go the distance. Castro1021’s team won the tournament with a first place prize of $7,000.

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