Is this TikTok user’s house haunted? Evidence points to yes

A TikTok user’s spooky video has many users speculating that his house may very well be haunted.

On Dec. 8, recent college graduate Dominic Matigian uploaded a video inside his “haunted house.” In the video, Matigian — who says he is home alone when the video is being shot — is very clearly freaked out by a loud banging on his door.

“Okay, so I’m literally home alone. Listen to how loud and aggressive it is,” Matigian says in the video about the pounding at the door. He then opens the door and walks over to the stairs, where there is not a soul to be seen.

“This is why we’re moving!” he adds.

Matigian’s eerie video, which has received more than 377,000 likes and nearly 10,000 comments, has left people spooked and concerned for Matigian’s wellbeing.

“When you pointed the camera down the stairs I got the chills [and] bad vibes,” one user said.

“The fact that you’re not scared at all scares me,” another added.

“This is the only haunted TikTok I believe,” a third wrote. “You can literally see the door moving with each bang. H*** no.”

Some users had other, more pragmatic theories as to the source of the noise. According to one commenter, it’s possible that the banging could be the result of air flow, which apparently isn’t uncommon in older houses.

“It’s true!” one person commented. “My bedroom door occasionally does the same with the right draft coming in. Creepy but nothing bad.”

Still, in other videos, Matigian gave tours of the other rooms in his house — and ghost or not, they look equally spectral. Might we suggest a home exorcist?

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