Teen wows TikTok with list of ‘normal’ things Hawaii doesn’t have

A Hawaiian teenager is going viral after sharing a list of “unexpected” things his state doesn’t have.

The 16-year-old, who goes by the name Pono on TikTok, revealed the surprising facts in a video that now has more than 6.7 million views.

His clip lists five mind-blowing things — ranging from billboards to Daylight Savings Time — that are basically nonexistent in Hawaii.


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His first claim? Hawaii has no snakes, except in its zoos. This is technically true: Snakes have no natural predators in the island chain, and therefore are considered a risk to the environment. There are obviously some snakes, but the animals are totally illegal.

Next up: no billboards. Pono notes that the state outlawed the signs nearly a decade ago, to “preserve the natural beauty of the island.” As it turns out, Hawaii is one of four states where billboards are illegal. The others are Vermont, Alaska and Maine.

Pono then explained that his state has no ethnic majority. That’s also true: No race makes up more than half of the population in Hawaii, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Asians make up the largest group at 37.6 percent.

After that, the TikToker says that Hawaii is a “rabies-free state.”

“Due to it’s isolated location, Hawaii is the only state in the country without rabies,” he explains.

According to the Hawaiian government, that’s correct. The state even requires incoming animals to quarantine upon arrival, so it can prevent the disease from spreading.

Finally, Pono shares why his state has no Daylight Savings Time. In fact, the state is just one of two (the other is Arizona) that doesn’t change its clocks. As Pono points out, his state is so close to the equator that the amount of daily sunlight hardly changes throughout the year.

TikTok users seemed impressed and excited by Pono’s facts. Many even said the info was enough to make them want to move there.

“So what your saying is…I need to move,” one user wrote.

“Don’t tell them, they keep wanting to move here,” another user, supposedly from Hawaii, joked.

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