Here’s why TikTokers are blaming their emotions on ‘hay fever’

Is someone chopping onions? No, it’s just hay fever. The latest TikTok trend has people blaming tear-jerking moments on the allergy condition. 

Hay fever is caused by nasal allergies which can lead to red, watery, itchy eyes. So you can see why people would use it as an excuse to cover up their crying spells. In the funny TikTok meme, people use a sound of a young girl saying, “just hay fever” and a filter that makes their eyes look sore to describe life’s moments of sorrow. 

What is the “just hay fever” trend on TikTok? 

The viral sound is from the British television series The Story of Tracy Beaker which aired from 2002 to 2006. The titular character is asked, “What’s the matter?” when she is caught crying by a boy. “Just hay fever,” she tells him. Tracy’s character often used the excuse and “just hay fever” was a bit of a catchphrase for her. 

TikToker @uglinablin was the first to upload the sound to TikTok in April 2020 for a skit. However, the snippet did not go viral until January 2022.

The sound has since been used in over 126,000 videos on TikTok.

“When my coworker asked me if I was OK after my manager yelled at me for accidentally charging a customer $9 million,” @gimmeurmilk stated in a caption.


would you have snitched? 😭 #fyp

♬ original sound – uglinablin

“When you read your dad’s Facebook messages in 2013 while he’s at work and find out he’s cheating on your mom,” @kykynicolee said, lip-syncing to the sound


That game has a chokehold on me #fyp #roblox

♬ original sound – uglinablin

“Me sleeping for 15 minutes on a school night after playing Roblox Pizza Place for eight hours straight,” @camslot said in a video

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