TikTokers are bonding over an ultra-easy head bobbing dance

TikTok’s latest dance trend only requires moving from the neck up. 

People are bobbing their heads to a remix of “Drilla Freestyle Opps and Blocks” performed by Harlem Spartans featuring MizOrMac and Bis. In the trend, one person bobs their head to the song then pans the camera around to make a reveal. The reveal usually includes another person bobbing along with them. The trend has caught on likely because it’s so easy to do and provides a simple format to tell a funny story.

The song was first uploaded by @liverpoolfans in a clip of soccer player Roberto Firmino dancing after scoring a point. The original video is unrelated to the trend but the song did spur the fun meme. 

The lyrics are, “I ain’t Romeo and I’ll hold, hold / Bake in the party, chocolate Barbie waiting on me for a yo.” 

The song has now been used in over 608,000 videos on TikTok.


Guess who’s in Amsterdam

♬ Drilla – liverpoolfans.com

“When some random grumpy lady sits between you and your friend best friend on a 10-hour flight,” @bensonboone said. 

He bobbed his head. Then panned the camera to show his friend bobbing in unison. The woman sitting in between them quietly folded her arms in horror. 


I can’t believe this happened OMGG 😭😩

♬ Drilla – liverpoolfans.com

“When your neighbor’s massive tree falls and destroys your whole garden, “@jasminechiswell wrote in a caption.  

She bobbed her head then switched the camera angle to show a truly enormous tree that completely obliterated her outdoor space. 

“When you come out as a lesbian after seven years of marriage,” @nswoof said bobbing her head. “But you still have to co-parent.” 

The camera cut to her ex bobbing his head. The two took a sip of their beers and bobbed together as friends. 

“When it was supposed to be date night,” @morganveraa said bobbing her head. “But he invited the boys.” 

She turned the camera away from her head to show her boyfriend — and about eight of his friends. 

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