This ‘shady’ iPhone hack has TikTok users very freaked out

If you don’t know how to use the hearing setting on an iPhone, you’re not alone.

The feature, which basically turns your phone into a live listening device, is going viral on TikTok. That’s largely thanks to user @brycenor, who explained how you can use the function to spy on your friends.

The TikToker shared the iPhone hack in response to a current trend on the app, which asks users to reveal something that “feels illegal to know.”

“I don’t feel like it should be illegal, but it’s shady,” @brycenor says at the start of his clip.


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As @brycenor explains in his video, the hearing setting can be used with AirPods to listen in on other people’s conversations — even when you’re not in the room. Setting up the function is as simple as opening your iPhone’s settings app.

From there, you select the “Control Center” option and click “Hearing.” Then, you can turn on the feature in your phone’s control center, put in your AirPods and leave your phone behind in another room. As @brycenor puts it: “You can leave it in any room. You can listen to what anybody’s saying at any time.”

Some TikTok users were excited to discover the function, but many were freaked out by it.

“Don’t trust people with AirPods, got it,” one user wrote.

“Why did my heart rate just spike,” another wrote.

“This is dangerous,” another added.

Others pointed out that the hearing setting could actually be worse for the person using it.

“I already think EVERYONE talks about me,” one user wrote.

“Nope. Don’t want to get my feelings hurt,” another added.

As some users pointed out, the hearing setting was actually designed as an accessibility feature for iPhone users — especially those who are hard of hearing. By tuning out background noise, the “live listen” tool allows users to hear conversations more easily.

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