Treat pain and get comfort with the best heating pads 2022 has to offer

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Frustrated with cramps? Headache? Thanks to modern technology, the heating pad has become one of society’s top favorite healing remedies.

From design to style options, it can be hard to design on a heating pad. Sometimes, especially if you’re on a budget, you may find yourself sacrificing certain features for others to find relief from your symptoms. If you’re someone who just doesn’t know where to start, you may even find yourself ending up with a less than happy heating pad due to things that had more to do with your lack of knowledge on just how much how style, design and width play in the world of heating pads. This shouldn’t be the case! And luckily for you, your days of picking and choosing features will be no more with the help of this list.

Top Picks

Dual therapy use: MIGHTY BLISS Electric Heating Pad

Credit: Amazon

The MIGHTY BLISS Electric Heating Pad will help you heal back pain and unbearable menstrual cramps during that happy time of the month.

Its soft microfiber plush makes it very gentle against the skin, giving the feeling of winter pajamas or a teddy bear. Easy to clean and machine washable, you may find satisfaction in knowing this heating pad addresses various pains in a short time frame.


  • Soft microfiber plush for extra comfort
  • Can be used for moist and dry heat therapy
  • Adjustable settings for customizable heat


  • The switch is inconvenient to use

Most adjustable: Sunbeam Heating Pad For Pain Relief

Credit: Amazon

The Sunbeam Heating Pad For Pain Relief provides heat therapy at 70 watts with four adjustable settings. Designed with a shut-off feature, its large size will help you reach comfort by the morning.

Another plus? Its long cord ensures you will have easy access to a direct power source.


  • Four adjustable settings with LED indicators
  • Extra-large size for maximum heat coverage
  • Machine wash friendly and easy to clean


  • The controller tends to heat up

Instant heating: Pure Enrichment PureRelief Heating Pad

Credit: Amazon

If you have tense muscles or pain in your back, shoulder or stomach, you can sit back knowing the InstaHeat Technology heating pad warms up in a matter of minutes (and to six levels of your choice!)

Washing machine friendly, the LCD controller and flexible design make this heating pad the ultimate choice for those days you just want to Netflix and chill and take care of your wellness.

Talk about multitasking!


  • Machine and hand wash friendly cleaning
  • Detachable LCD controller 
  • Rapid heating to provide instant relief
  • Comes with a storage bag


  • The heating is not very consistent

Best king-sized pad: GENIANI XL Electric Heating Pad

Credit: Amazon

The GENIANI XL Electric Heating Pad helps with muscle pain, injuries, and cramps in any part of your body. It is ultra-soft and flexible, making it easy to direct the heat exactly towards the pain.

Since it is king-sized, you will love this heating pad for its maximum comfort and three heating modes. Another plus? Those who are looking to clean their new heating can do so because of its washable cover.

An all around product for your friends and family (and self!) this heating pad will make for a perfect gift.


  • King-sized heating pad for maximum comfort
  • Ultra-soft plush to help with resting
  • Has three heating modes to choose from


  • The switch is very sensitive

Editor’s choice: Cure Choice Electric Heating Pad

Credit: Amazon

With its larger design and soft fabric, it’s no wonder why the Cure Choice Electric Heating Pad is an editor’s choice.

Perfect for those who are looking for a heating pad to wrap around the leg or arm areas, this heating pad’s size is also great for selected heat therapy.

Another plus? It comes with a machine washable cover! With the one-button controller, newbies can rest easy knowing they won’t have to sit in any longer than it takes to press a button.


  • Has three different heat settings
  • Soft fabric that is easy on your skin
  • Comes with practical storage pouch


  • The reheating process can be slow

How to find a quality heating pad: a buyer’s guide

Nowadays, chronic pain is tied to no particular age group. Anyone can find use in a heating pad, and when it comes to unexpected falls or injuries they can ultimately eliminate both stress and those annoying symptoms. 

Generally speaking, the price for an electric heating pad will be higher as opposed to a non-electric one. Some heating pads can even double as cooling pads to provide dual therapy. You can use a heating pad for a variety of injuries from muscle strain and chronic pain to soothing nerves.

If this is your first time buying a heating pad, or you’ve found yourself having to replace that once trusty heating pad that just gave out at the right time, you may have discovered your buying experience has been tampered by these anxious thoughts concerning quality and budget. 

No one should have to worry about rushing in a time of emergency of medical situation. That’s why knowing the different types of heating pads is a great start to saving you both time and money. 

Types of heating pads

Electric heating pad

The name speaks for itself! Being a heating pad, this variation needs to be plugged in to operate. Releasing heat that pulls moisture from the skin, it may not be the most suitable option for those with sensitive skin.

Long-term usage of this pad also boosts the probability of burns. As a rule of thumb, you should never sleep or nap with a heating pad as this increases the risk of burn and overheating. 

If you still want an electric pad for sleeping purposes, only buy a models with an automatic on/off feature. 

Moist heating pad

Moist heating pads employ moist air for the relaxation of sore muscles. The product is usually sold in the shape of a microwaveable bag that contains a conducting filler. The hot water bottles enclosed in a specific fabric also belong to this category.

These variations don’t create heat internally. If you’re a newer buyer, you may find pleasure in knowing many users note the moist air penetrates the muscles most, leading to pain relief.

Infrared heating pads

Infrared radiation can only be felt through heat. The best perk of an infrared heating pad is that it doesn’t cause dryness.

Another plus? It often uses electricity and features many other cool control options. For better advantages, we suggest buying this pad with an automatic shut-off and temperature control.

Heating pad size

Depending on your needs, the size of your heating pad can mean the difference between a scenario where your pad wraps just right around your leg or falls short. Heating pads come in many shapes and sizes, some with velcro and others not. 

If you’re buying a heating pad to add to have in your space, and you don’t have an immediate need for it, consider visualizing what potential reasons you would have to refer to one. Doing so can help alleviate the stress that is realizing that heating pad you bought during that Black Friday sale actually doesn’t have a velcro option or, even worse, doesn’t feature an auto on/off feature.

Smaller models are most sufficient for neck pain. If your interest is relieving pain in the spine, abdomen and legs then a larger pad should do you good.

Heating pad features

Some of the best features that all heating pads should have are as follows:

Heat settings

Just like candy, everyone’s preference will be unique. For example, some people prefer high heat levels to cure specific conditions. If you fall in this category, you may find more satisfaction in buying a heating pad with various heat settings.

Some pads also display a memory feature that remembers the frequently used heat setting. If you want to share the product with your family, buy one that allows for multiple heat level preferences.

Heat up time

No one likes to wait for a long time for the heating of the pad, especially if you want to sleep early or getting ready to head out of the house. Luckily for you, the newest models have a heat-up time that takes a matter of seconds.

If you aren’t bothered with the heat-up time, don’t splurge money for this feature.

Auto switch off

A few models contain a distinct auto off/on switch feature that serves as an additional safety attribute. Designed to prevent the product running longer than it should, this small yet mighty aspect can prevent your heating pad running too hot. If you’re someone who tends to fall asleep with their heating pad (or can foresee this better than your next tax return) the switch will also help alleviate any worries about an electric shortage or using more electricity than desired.


As heating pads are manufactured to soothe sore muscles, it’s critical to buy a model that’s made of comfortable materials. Nothing is worse than buying a heading pad that breaks down after months of use. This can especially prove true with cheaper heating pads found at pharmacies. 

Specific fabrics are also better at distributing heat better than the others. As an added feature, ensure that it’s machine-washable.

Power cord length

The power cord should provide enough length to ensure it’s both user-friendly and accessible. If you’re concerned about longer cords tripping those in your space, be sure to check for length prior to purchasing. As a buyer, it can be helpful to take a quick skim through any product reviews to see what past purchases have to say.

Wireless capability

If you don’t want to buy a heating pad with a lengthy cord, you can invest in one that provides wireless capability. This means that, yes, you can move to any place on the couch and not worry about the cord coming loose!

Type of ailment

The type of heating pad you’ll end up using will depend on your condition. Those experiencing intense neck pain, for example, may find quick relief in a head wrap. For those experiencing lower back pain, you can take advantage of a heating pad adjusts with the movement of your spine. 

Safety concerns

When using a heating pad, you want to feel relieved from your symptoms (not stressed out because you’ve found yourself rushing to urgent care!) That’s why it’s  important to know all the possible risks connected to the usage of a heating pad. For example, long exposure to infrared radiation or mistakenly leaving the product on for a long time can result in painful burns or, even worse, a full blown fire. 

To make sure your health is not compromised, consider opting for heating pads that have an auto shut off feature.


When it comes to buying a heating pad, temperature is just the start. Things like product features and style can mean the difference between a less than satisfactory purchase and a purchase that will last for years to come. 

People also asked

Q. Can I use my heating pad as a pillow?

A: No, the heating pad should not be positioned underneath the body. It can however be placed on the body (e.g., chest or either leg).

Q. Can I wash my heating pad?

A: Heating pads can be washed. However you should take extra precaution and only use the heating pad after it’s completely dry. Never operate the product with wet hands. Before cleaning, unplug it from the socket.

Q. Is it safe to utilize an extension cord with a heating pad?

A: Never use a power strip or an extension cord with the heating pad. This can make the pad overheat and lead to a fire.

Q. Is it possible to leave a heating pad plugged in but the power turned off?

A: One should never sleep with a heating pad, even if it displays an automatic shutoff. This product shouldn’t be used near or in any space with high humidity, like a bathroom.

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