This heatless hair curler has TikTokers obsessed — here’s how to use it

People on TiKTok swear by this goofy-looking, eight-tentacled, heatless hair curler. But does it actually work?

The Octocurl is a headband with eight dangling strips that curl most hair types and hair lengths without heat. The hashtag #octocurl has over 25.5 million views on TikTok, where people can’t stop singing its praises. It’s no surprise In The Know’s Lisa Azcona discovered the innovative product on the app.  

“I’m always looking for new ways to create less damage on my hair,” she says. “It claims to work for all hair types and hair lengths and be a healthier and gentler alternative to a curling wand because no actual heat is involved.”

The Octocurl is available in different fabrics — including microfiber, satin and cotton poplin — that suit the needs of different hair types. Lisa opts for the cotton poplin for long hair. 

“Since I’m looking for a more polished look, my hair has already been straightened, and it’s completely dry, but it can work just as well on wet hair,” Lisa explains. 

To use the Octocurl, she slips it over her head like a headband to begin the process of twisting her hair around each strip. 

“The Octocurl comes with eight sets of double strips,” she demonstrates in the video. “As you can see, I’m wrapping my hair around two strips at a time since I want to create looser curls. If I were to wrap my hair around each individual strip, the resulting curls would definitely be much tighter.” 

The curler offers quite a bit of flexibility since you can change your curl style by how you wrap your hair. 

“Make sure to use the elastic loops at the ends to secure your hair in place. To finish off, I’m going to add a bit of texturizing hair spray. I’ll be sleeping in the Octocurl overnight since my hair is completely dry just to give my hair enough time to curl.” 

After a full night’s sleep, Lisa was surprised the Octocurl didn’t slip off her head. While it wasn’t the most comfortable thing to sleep in, and removing the Octocurl was a bit of a struggle, the results speak for themselves. 

“The curls look way better than I expected,” Lisa declares. “It’s a little frizzy at the top, but it’s nothing a comb can’t fix. I’m impressed. These curls look amazing! And my favorite part is that I didn’t have to use heat at all.” 

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