TikToker baffles viewers after sharing the ‘actual’ way to wear running shoes

If you don’t know about the “heel lock” on running shoes, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

It’s a feature millions of TikTokers are just discovering for the first time, thanks to a viral video by user Sidney Raz (@sidneyraz). In the clip, Raz reveals the “actual” way to wear running shoes.

Raz has become increasingly popular on TikTok in recent months, thanks largely to his “life hacks,” a video genre that makes up a huge portion of the app’s content. In the past, he’s shown users the “real way” to pop popcorn and how to actually wear a neck pillow on an airplane.

This latest video struck plenty of users by surprise, though, mainly because most viewers didn’t even know that “heel locks” existed.

In the clip, Raz shares why most running shoes seem to have an extra lace hole at the top of the sneaker. As it turns out, this is called a “heel lock” — also known as a “runner’s loop” or a “runner’s tie.”

Tying your shoes with the heel lock can help keep your feet more secure and can even reduce blisters.

As Raz demonstrates, you can “lock” your heels by threading the lace through the extra hole on the same side as the previous hole, forming a loop. Then, you thread the opposite side’s lace through that loop and do the same for the other side. After that, you just tie your shoes together like normal.

It’s a simple process, but many TikTokers were dumbfounded.

“Why are we just learning this now?” one user asked.

“They should teach this in P.E. class,” another added.

“Thank goodness I don’t run,” another joked.

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