TikTokers are mimicking helicopters in the latest dance trend

The latest dance trend on TikTok is all about celebrating the majestic aerial vehicle known as the helicopter. 

There’s never any shortage of creative dance challenges on TikTok. This time around people are inspired by a Bosnian song about a chopper. The fun trend is easy to do as long as you’ve got some basic editing skills. Here’s why TikTokers are saying “helicopter helicopter” all the time. 

What is the “helicopter helicopter” trend on TikTok? 

In the trend, people use video editing so that their bodies mimic the movements of a helicopter. They usually glide around the room like a vehicle or rapidly spin in a circle with their hands in the air. Each person’s take on the trend is different, but the idea is usually the same. 

TikToker @oficialtatiana did the challenge in front of a massive Christmas tree. Although, her outfit made her look more like a figure skater than a helicopter. 

What is the “helicopter helicopter” sound on TikTok? 

The “Helikopter” song by Bosnian pop star Fazlija is a staple of the meme. In the 2015 song, he passionately sang the lyrics “helicopter helicopter.” The short sample has become a popular TikTok sound with 1 million videos associated with it. 

TikToker @belitskaydi twirled her hair round and round to embody a helicopter. 

The user @agnesratajczak spun around her bedroom for the meme

Doing the trend in the aisles of a supermarket was no issue for @rossmannpl

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