Help your toddler learn their colors with this DIY cardboard box hack

This TikTok parent shared a clever homemade puzzle to help children learn about colors.

Michelle (@7daysofplay) is a TikToker and parent who frequently posts videos of crafts, lessons, and activities. In one video, she shares a brilliant DIY game intended to help little ones learn their colors. 

The video begins with footage of Michelle’s adorable daughter placing colorful plastic balls into each corresponding color’s hole on a cardboard box that’s adhered to the wall.

According to Michelle’s instructions, to make the puzzle you’ll first need a medium-sized cardboard box. Next, cut out some holes big enough to fit the plastic balls on the side of the box, then outline each hole with a color. 

Attach the box to the wall with the flaps facing down and make sure it’s low enough for your child to reach. 

For a fun finishing touch, pop a few velcro stickers to the bottom flaps to create a “magic release door.” Not only is the secret door a delightful discovery for toddlers, but it also gives them easy access to play the game over and over again!

Viewers were blown away by Michelle’s clever DIY puzzle.

“Thank you! I’ve been going through your whole page, saving videos to do with my toddler. Really good ideas! I love it,” one parent raved. 

DIY toys so you don’t have to buy anything… genius,” commented one user.

“Saving this for when I have kids,” mentioned one future parent. 

It’s incredible how much a little imagination can transform an ordinary cardboard box into something extraordinary. Between saving money, protecting the environment, and helping your kids flex their developmental skills, there are many benefits to making your own toys and games. When it comes to DIY projects, thinking inside the box can go a long way.

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