Help your toddler write their own name with this DIY hack

This TikTok parent shared a clever homemade dry-erase board tutorial to help children learn how to write letters and shapes.  

TikTok account The Hands-On Family (@handsonfamily) has garnered a following of almost one million users for their videos featuring clever crafts, hacks, and projects. Recently, they shared a video featuring an easy DIY dry-erase board designed to help little ones learn how to write their names and work on their fine motor skills

The beginning of the clip briefly illustrates how to make the board using a medium-sized sheet of cardboard and a resealable bag big enough to fit the cardboard. 

First, they write the child’s name on the sheet in big clear letters before adding colorful shape outlines at the bottom. Finally, they slip the cardboard into the resealable bag, and the DIY dry-erase board is ready for little ones to practice writing again and again! 

The remainder of the video shows clips of the TikTok parents’ adorable son diligently tracing over the letters and shapes with a dry-erase marker before wiping off his squiggly penmanship with a paper towel. 

Viewers were impressed by the toddler handwriting hack and couldn’t resist leaving some words of positivity. 

“So awesome!! Your handwriting is so nice,” one user complimented. 

“I’m going to use that to help my son write cursive,” shared one parent.

Other viewers offered some additional tips to help children learn to write letters the correct way.  

“You can also help him/her with proper letter formation by putting a green dot where they start and a red dot where they stop,” one user recommended. 

“I love it. I would only suggest you use a star or mark to show him where to start the letters,” echoed another viewer. 
There are many benefits to making your own games and puzzles. In addition to saving money and protecting the environment, DIY toys and games can help kids develop creative problem-solving and fine motor skills.

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