This hair brand uses the henna plant to help people color their hair naturally

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Henna Sooq is a beauty brand that specializes in henna natural color hair and ayurvedic hair care. The company relies on DIY and personalization methods to ensure that every customer gets the right product for their specific needs and hair type.

“There isn’t always a product that will be an all-in-one that will be always your go-to,” cofounder Khadija Dawn Carryl explained to In The Know. “We use a DIY method of using henna and other herbs to make and create a hair recipe that will be specific for your hair goals, your hair type and your hair texture.”

Since Henna Sooq is much more hands-on and customized compared to other hair care companies, it tries to interact with its customers as much as possible and makes sure that they understand what they’re using before they embark on the henna hair-dyeing and hair care process.

DIY allows you to tap right into exactly what you’re looking for,” Carryl explained. Depending on the color of your natural hair and the color you want to dye your hair, you will need different hennas to achieve the look you want — and Henna Sooq can help you figure out what those are.

“Henna is not just about the product, the plant — it’s beyond that,” Carryl said. “It’s more about self-care, self-love and then mental health and wellness.”

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