Here’s everything you need to know about JetBlue’s new planes

While traveling was definitely down in 2020, JetBlue rang in the New Year with the launch of its first Airbus.

The Airbus A220-400 arrived at JetBlue’s headquarters at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City from Airbus’ production facility in Alabama on Jan. 1. It was the first delivery of the aircraft that is poised to replace the company’s entire fleet of 60 Embraer 190s.

Regular JetBlue passengers will pick up on some notable differences in the Airbus A220.

“The interior of JetBlue’s A220 will be as impressive as the operating capabilities of the aircraft. Customers will also enjoy an elevated inflight experience with wider seats, spacious overhead bins and extra-large windows,” the company said in a statement.

You’ll be able to fly new routes with JetBlue’s A220s because its cost-saving benefits mean the company can take you places that were once unprofitable with the previous fleet.

The new line of Airbuses will also allow the airline to reduce maintenance costs per seat by 40 percent. Meanwhile, the A220’s operating costs are nearly 30 percent lower than the Embraer 190s because it uses 40 percent less fuel per seat.

“As we evolve our fleet for the future, the A220’s significant reduction in per-seat emissions supports our ongoing commitment to carbon neutrality for all our domestic flights and moves us closer to achieving our pledge of net-zero carbon emissions across all operations by 2040,” said CEO Robin Hayes in a press release.

In 2020, JetBlue became the first major airline in the U.S. to reach carbon neutrality on all domestic flights — a goal it is hoping to achieve company-wide by 2040.

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