Here’s how to definitively tell how tall someone is based on their dating profile

There’s nothing wrong with being short, but, obviously, there’s something wrong with lying about your height.

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for dating app users to bump themselves up a few inches on their profiles. In fact, it’s common enough that TikTok users have taken to extreme measures to see if the guy they just swiped right on is really 6’0″ — or if he’s actually 5’10”.

The trend began when a user who goes by the name of gadelhaha noticed a Corona beer bottle in the hand of one of her matches.


hi i’m dani and i’ll find out your height no matter the cost 🙂 #catchmeoutside #fyp #tinder corona #howto #obsessedwithit #skillbuilding #swipelife

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She easily found that each bottle is 9.5 inches tall, then used a photo editing app to replicate the bottle over the original photo multiple times.

She then lined those bottles up to match his height, counted how many stacked up against his height, and converted it to feet, finding the man to be 5’11.25″.

This method gets you going in the right direction, but there’s still some guessing involved if the bottles don’t match his height perfectly.

TikTok user nicccoya took that a step further, showing her followers a mathematical equation they can use to get the most accurate answer possible.


if you ever get tired of using the bottle height hack. @gadelhaha #fyp #math #height

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“This is the only time math skills come in handy,” she jokes in the video.

First, you’ll need to figure out how tall the items in the photo are in both real-life and in the photo. Recording heights in centimeters at first makes it more precise.

By manually measuring the items on her screen, niccoya found that the bottle is 1 cm tall in the photo, and the man is 7.5 cm. In real life, the bottle is 24.13 cm.

Using that information, you can solve the man’s actual height. Just multiply the size of the man in the photo (7.5 cm) by the real-life size of the bottle (24.13 cm). Once you have that number, divide it by the height of the bottle in the photo (1 cm).

In this case, niccoya found the answer to be 180.975 cm. She quickly converted cm to inches by asking Siri for the answer — 5’11.25″.

And there you have it — as long as you know the height of something in the photo, or can easily look it up, you’ll be able to figure out the height of the person, too.

On the other hand, next time you think about stretching the truth about your height, remember that math is not on your side. There’s nothing wrong with embracing your status as a short king, either.

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