Here’s how you can support Texas trans kids and their families

Texas Governor Greg Abbott sparked an outcry from the LGBTQIA+ community and allies after calling on citizens to report the parents of transgender children to authorities if said minors appeared to be receiving gender-affirming medical treatments, such as hormones or puberty-suppressing drugs.

The governor’s statement, which was made in a letter to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services and declared such care as “child abuse,” sparked fear among trans people, as well as parents and relatives of trans youths, despite uncertainty that the order can be enforced.

If you are an advocate or ally of the LGBTQIA+ community looking for ways to support trans children and their families in Texas, here are five organizations to consider supporting:

Transgender Education Network of Texas (TENT)

TENT is dedicated to furthering gender-diverse equality in Texas in an effort to halt discrimination through social, legislative and corporate education. The organization works to accomplish this through education and networking in both public and private forums. Donate here.

Credit: TENT

Central Texas Transgender Health Coalition

The Central Texas Transgender Health Coalition is a Texas-based program run by Out Youth, a national program that aims to support LGBTQIA+ youth and their families and provide them with a place where they are loved, acknowledged and accepted exactly as they are. The coalition looks to enable the transgender and gender non-binary community to feel comfortable speaking to their healthcare providers. Donate here.

Credit: Central Texas Transgender Health Coalition

Equality Texas

Equality Texas works to secure full equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer Texans through political action, education, community organizing, and collaboration. Donate here.

Credit: Equality Texas

Resources for Transgender Youth in Texas

Resources for Transgender Youth in Texas provides resources for both trans youth in Texas and their families to better equip them to fight for their legal rights. The organization does not accept donations, but you may sign up to support the group and learn more here.

The House of Rebirth

The House of Rebirth is an organization that seeks to develop sustainable resources to enhance and protect the lives of Black trans-identified women. Statistically, Black trans women experience greater adversity than wider trans populations due to “racism, misogyny, unemployment, the risks of survival sex work, and family abandonment,” the group states. Donate here.

Credit: The House of Rebirth

If you or someone you know needs support after experiencing anti-trans violence or bias, contact a trans-identified counselor through the Trans Lifeline at 877-565-8860. You can also contact the Anti-Violence Project at 212-714-1141, or connect with a Crisis Text Line counselor at no charge by texting the word “HOME” to 741741. Find a local therapist well-versed in trans identity and liberation through the Inclusive Therapists directory.

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