Here’s the fastest — and cheapest way — to repair your car tire

A TikToker’s tutorial on how to repair a car tire has exploded on TikTok for its simplicity and cost efficiency.

On Oct. 22, Ovet Reynoso, who has over 478,000 followers on the social media platform, posted step-by-step instructions on how to plug a hole in a tire.

At the start of the clip, Reynoso drills a screw into his tire, creating a hole.

“If you have a nail in your tire or your tire is leaking air, you can spray with some water or dish soap to see if it’s leaking air,” he says. “If it bubbles up just like that, then it’s leaking air.”


If you have a nail or air leak in your tire, worry no more 🥴😂

♬ original sound – Ovet Reynoso

Reynoso then heads to an AutoZone and picks up a tire plug kit, which normally retails for about $20 (here’s one from Amazon, for example). He opens the kit, removing a string plug and a spiral rasp.

“Next, you want to get the nail out,” he says. “After you’ve gotten the nail out, you just want to poke at [the tire with the spiral rasp] like this. Press the tool all the way in. Once it’s all the way in, twist it to make the hole bigger.”

Reynoso then pulls the spiral rasp out of the tire and threads the string plug through the thread needle.

“Find the hole, put [the steel rasp] in like that,” he says. “And then you’re just going to press down really hard. Once it’s all the way in like this, you’re going to pull it out, but don’t pull it out slowly. Go ahead and pull it out hard.”

The second Reynoso removes the steel rasp from the tire, the string plug can be seen covering the hole he had created earlier. He then uses a small blade to remove the excess string.

The trick has since gone viral. Since the TikTok was posted, it has received more than 31 million views. Many users also expressed their gratitude in the comments (no surprise there, given that a tire replacement can cost between $130 and $200).

“He saved us all a lot of money,” one person remarked.

“I learned more stuff in this TikTok [than] my 5 years of college,” another added.

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