Here’s the secret to never touching a dirty dish ever again

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No one likes touching dirty, crusty dishes. Bloated pasta, sticky sauces and coagulated gravies are all casualties of hand-washing dishes. But even if you don’t own a dishwasher, you shouldn’t have to settle for touching grimy plates and pans.

As a fan of long nails and a hater of touching any food-caked dishes, I have perfected a way to wash pots, pans, plates and utensils that completely eliminates touching the icky stuff. The secret is long-handled dish brushes and bottle brushes. In my quest to keep my hands away from grime, I discovered my go-to dish washing brand Redecker. The German brand makes home items ranging from brooms and toilet brushes to all important dish cleaning products. 

I use the brand’s dish brush and bottle brush during dishwashing, selecting one or the other depending on the item I’m washing. The affordable brushes come with sturdy bristles and wooden handles, making them great for scrubbing. And they’re eco-friendly and largely biodegradable after use, barring the metal components on the dish brush.

Shop: Bürstenhaus Redecker Large Dish Brush, $4.95

Credit: Sur La Table

Shop: Bürstenhaus Redecker Milk Bottle Brush, $9.95

Credit: Sur La Table

I’ve been using my brush duo for over two months now, without having to replace the durable brushes. They still look pretty new and perform similarly to how they did when I first purchased them. And for the price, it’s hardly an investment purchase.

Bonus tip: If you don’t ever want to touch a sponge again, you aren’t alone. I’ve also hacked this dish washing-related problem. Sponge-topped bottle brushes make it so that you can give your dishes a washing without having to get pruny fingers from touching a sponge. Though Redecker doesn’t make an item fitting the sponge bill, Casabella and Full Circle are great options. You can thank me later.

Shop: Casabella Sponge Brush, $7.40

Credit: Amazon

Shop: Full Circle Dish Cleaning Sponge, $8.99

Credit: Amazon

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