Here’s what TikTok has declared ‘mid’

TikTok is using a roast of the Midwest to discuss everything else they find “mid.” 

In internet slang, the term “mid” refers to anything subpar or mediocre. Now thanks to a rant by All Elite Wrestling (AEW) fighter MJF, people are railing against all things they dub “mid.” In MJF’s monologue, he states, “It’s called the Midwest because every single thing in it is mid.” TikTok was quick to upload the speech and turn it into a viral sound. 

Origins of “It’s called the Midwest…” TikTok sound

While participating in a match in Cincinnati, Ohio wrestler MJF took to insulting the city and his opponent. 

“It’s called the Midwest because every single thing in it is mid,” MJF said. “Skyline chili? Mid. Your Cincinnati Reds who haven’t won a World Series since 1990? Muh-muh-muh-muh-mid! And every single person who lives here is… mid!” 

The sound goes viral on TikTok

Reply to @xaviersgerardo MID

♬ M I D – Let Him Back In

In September uploaded the rant to TikTok with added “boom” sound effects each time MJF said “mid.” Currently over 3,312 videos are associated with the sound on TikTok. 

Now people are using the rant to rattle off all the things they find “mid” in a certain category. 

TikToker @johnthedon.3 declared Netflix favorites On My Block and All American totally mid. 



♬ M I D – Let Him Back In

New York City TikTok videos were completely mid according to @elisse.01

“Overpriced, underwhelming cafes and restaurants that are ‘Instagram worthy.’ Thrift stores that are literally the same exact price as retail due to high demand,” she said in a caption

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy and Kim Possible were dubbed mid childhood cartoons by @quinnickleshow


i needed an excuse to use this audio #fyp #vegan #vegetarian #uk

♬ M I D – Let Him Back In

Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll and Linda McCartney’s Rosemary Sausages were mid U.K. vegan meat alternatives to @bayanotbee

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