Here’s what to ask yourself before you set those new year’s resolutions

Wellness guru Celestes posts all sorts of upbeat TikToks to boost your mental health. 

With the new year looming, now is the perfect time to take an honest stock of how you want to move forward in 2021. In preparation for the new year, Celeste dropped a helpful video in December on how to start the new year in the right headspace by asking yourself four helpful questions. 

“What are you holding onto? What do you want to be a student of in 2021? Who in your life deserves the biggest thank you this year? What can you thank yourself for this year?” Celeste said in the video

Celeste gave In The Know even more 2021 advice with this helpful explainer on how to pick the right new year’s resolution for you. 

1. Don’t put a time limit on your goals.

“I try not to put a limit or a timing on my goal because I feel like I’m blocking my potential before I even start,” Celeste said. “I don’t want to feel like I am a failure just because I didn’t do it in a year. Maybe that goal just needs a little more time and can still be achieved.” 

Celeste opts to let life decide when her goal is complete instead of an arbitrary timeline. And in the age of pandemics and lockdowns, going with the flow is probably sound advice. 

2. Reflect on past experiences.

Looking back on the year can help you figure out what you need in the next one. 

“Personally, I journal every day so I like to look at my journal from like the beginning of the year to now and just reflect and see certain things that I’ve been through,” Celeste said. “And you can kind of say to yourself like, ‘I’m glad I stuck up for myself in that moment.’ Or you know what, ‘I need to learn to set boundaries maybe in this area in my life.” 

3. Growth is always in rotation.

“Just because it’s the end of the year doesn’t exactly mean that your growth is done,” she said. 

Your personal growth is always in fluctuation, so come 2021 we’re all at different stages. 

“So the point of these questions is to reflect see what we learn that way we can take those lessons into the year with for the new challenges and lessons that we’re meant to face,” Celeste said. 

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