Spotify users are blown away by this ‘amazing’ hack for the app

There are plenty of Spotify features you might not know about — you just need to know where to look.

Thankfully, TikTokers are spilling their best hacks for using the app, many of which can allegedly make your listening experience “a lot better.”

One of those, which seemed to come as a surprise to many music fans, comes courtesy of TikTok user @themaskedmortal. The “amazing” hack shows users how to set up a “listening party” with their friends.


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♬ Rehab (Winter In Paris) – Brent Faiyaz

As @themaskedmortal explains in his video, Spotify Premium users can start a group session by pressing the listening options button on the bottom left hand of their now playing page. From there, they can invite their friends to join a shared session — reminiscent of the “party mode” app for Netflix.

Another viral hack comes from user @kadama_app, who explained how to create smooth, radio-like transitions in the app.

The TikToker’s video shows how you can change your playback settings to add a crossfade in between songs. The result: As one song ends, the app will fade smoothly into the next track.

“Your music should sound a lot better,” @kadama_app says in his video.


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Meanwhile, users have also shared hacks for making related playlists and for using the app for free language lessons. Some of the Spotify features have left commenters very impressed.

“I had no idea,” one user wrote.

“I’m definitely going to learn Japanese on Spotify,” another wrote.

“Thank you for sharing this,” another added.

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