TikTokers are sharing stories of how they overcame high school bullies

Most people will probably tell you that high school wasn’t exactly the best time in their lives.

Beyond the standard difficulties of being a teenager and finding yourself smack in the middle of childhood and adulthood, it’a time when bullies run rampant.

With that in mind, @matthewanchel asked his fellow TikTok users to share the meanest thing someone did to them in high school and whether or not they forgive them.


TBH I’m lucky this was the meanest thing. I went to an arts high school so I wasn’t bullied much. #gay #storytime #fyp #highschool #gaybear #makeup

♬ Comical and a little silly carefree music(831995) – Etsuo Kawasaki

He shared his own story, too. He said that it was very obvious he had a crush on a certain guy sophomore year, and received a message one night from said crush saying that he wanted to meet up.

When he approached his crush, he found out the hard way that someone had been pretending to be him. He had no idea who did it until someone messaged him 15 years later to confess.

User @chloestrattoo.n shared a rather gut-wrenching tale from middle school.

She said she was overweight in middle school, so kids used to pick on her by dipping carrots in ranch dressing and throwing them at her during lunch.

The ranch-soaked carrots would then stick to her back after she left the cafeteria. She said they would then taunt her for it.

Though her story didn’t have a happy ending, the comments of her video were extremely uplifting.

“Girl I cannot focus on this story when your eyes are so beautiful,” one user wrote.

“Off topic girl but you’re literally stunning,” another wrote.

“Why are kids so mean?” a third questioned.

User @pollypistol took the trend in an entirely different direction, admitting that she was the bully in high school.


#stitch with @matthewanchel It’s never to late to be the change you want to see in the world. #pollypistoladvocate #bully #domesticabuseawareness

♬ Comical and a little silly carefree music(831995) – Etsuo Kawasaki

“I was bullied and abused at home, so I was a hurt kid hurting other kids,” she said.

She explained that one day, she was sitting with the popular kids at lunch when a kid from the special education class sat with them, and she told her directly that “no one wanted her to sit” with them.

When a single tear rolled down the girl’s cheek, @pollypistol knew she had to start acting differently.

“I had never been so ashamed of myself,” she said. “I decided to make a change.”

She said started volunteering with the special education class and made it a point to befriend every kid in the room. She also explained in the comments of her video that she apologized to the girl that she bullied and they became friends — turns out they had “a lot in common.”

“This is the kind of glow-up we should aspire to have,” one user wrote.

“It takes a lot of strength to admit you’re wrong and even more strength to change your ways,” another said.

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