High school teacher sets up ‘iced coffee bar’ for her morning students

A high school teacher gave her students the barista treatment, and it was iced-coffee perfection. 

TikToker Ms. Ortiz is a sophomore high school teacher. She’s always sharing ways to make school more fun and exciting for her students, whether it’s grading their “jerk walks” or celebrating Spirit Week. Ms. Ortiz gave the pupils a real treat when she set up an in-class coffee bar. 

“Put together an iced coffee bar for my students,” Ms. Ortiz wrote

The teacher brought in cartons of Delight Iced Coffee in caramel macchiato and mocha flavors. She even had a few fixings to make the drinks feel like they really came from a coffee shop.

Ortiz served the iced coffee by coating the walls of a plastic coffee cup in caramel syrup, just like at Starbucks. She then added ice, poured in the iced coffee, topped it with whipped cream and drizzled more syrup on top. It was definitely something special for her class. 

“I did it for the morning classes. The afternoon got donuts, and my last period got pizza,” Ms. Ortiz explained

The video received over 2.5 million views on TikTok. People applauded Ms. Ortiz’s efforts. 

“My teacher used to have snacks and pads and pain medicine for people who needed them. It’s so nice seeing more teachers who care,” a user wrote

“I swear teachers weren’t like this when I was in school. Lucky kids,” another said

“This made me cry! So many kids never get this treatment at home. This means the world to them,” someone commented

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