High school yearbook from 2021 reveals just how weird everything was for seniors that year

Flip through most high school yearbooks, and you’ll see photos of friends gathered in the hallway, posing for sports team photos or dancing at their senior prom.

But for the Class of 2021, COVID restrictions altered pretty much everything they did that year, and a new viral TikTok is reminding us all of just how weird it really was.

The video was recently shared by TikTok user Jamilat (@milaabandzz) and has since gone on to earn 4.8 million views.

“POV: you were class of ’21,” the video text reads before Jamilat begins turning the pages for a walk down memory lane.

Instead of professional headshots, which is usually the norm for most high school portraits, the photos of each student appear to have been taken over Zoom. In fact, some student photos weren’t even there at all. Instead, they were replaced by a circle and a letter of their first name, which is what typically shows on a virtual call when a participant turns off their camera.

Class or club photos were also taken the same way, with students smiling from behind their computers at home as a teacher took a screenshot of all the tiny boxes. Even photos of teachers were taken over Zoom since no one was actually meeting in person for much of that year.

And then there was the full page as that was dedicated to school board members, but it was really just a screenshot of the board’s official website.

After watching the TikTok, most people couldn’t help but comment on how strange and sad it all was, even though it wasn’t that long ago.

“This is so sad omg,” wrote one person, while another said it was “soooo true” of what kids that age went through.

Others kind of found it fascinating (and hilarious).

“The ones with no pics got me wheezing,” one commenter said.

“Bro got a collection of screenshots,” said another.

“Cue the ‘back in my day you had to turn the camera ON for picture day,'” joked someone else.

However, plenty of others pointed out that even though it may seem “weird,” this yearbook represents a part of history that we can’t — and shouldn’t — forget about.

“seems low budget now but in a few years this’ll be super nostalgic lmao,” one person wrote.

“Lmaoo honestly the very specific to the time and will be a legit relic in the future,” added someone else.

“This yearbook will be iconic in 40+ years,” yet another person wrote. “don’t ever lose it!”

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