Dad’s hilarious confessions help others deal with ‘parenting guilt’: ‘I needed this today’

A father confessed his hilarious parenting secrets to TikTok — and we hope his kids never see this. 

Evan Kyle Berger and Kevin Laferriere are both stay-at-home dads and the co-hosts of The Dumb Dads podcast and TikTok account. In one video, Laferriere revealed all the little things about parenthood that he keeps from his children

“Sometimes I put them to bed at 7:30 instead of 8:00 because they can’t tell time,” Laferriere whispered to the camera. 

Turns out, the dad isn’t too fond of his daughter’s family drawings, either. 

“I hate when she draws pictures of me because she makes me look even more like the Slender-Man,” he said.

Laferriere was willing to say anything to keep his kids healthy, including outright lies to their faces. 

“Sometimes I sneak a soda and tell them it’s coffee because I’m responsible for their bodies — and mine, but that ship has sailed,” he joked.

He also had his way of curating dad-friendly content in his household. 

“I tell my daughter we don’t get that channel if it’s a show I hate,” Laferriere said. “She doesn’t know what streaming is. I don’t know what streaming is.” 

But in the end, isn’t parenting really just about getting through the day?

“Sometimes I give them baths when they don’t need it because honestly, I’m just running out the clock until bedtime,” he said. 

TikTok liked the video over 612,000 times. Parents could definitely relate. 

“Needed this today. I know it’s meant to be funny, but it just freed some of the parent guilt I’ve been feeling,” one person commented

“This is so damn relatable,” another wrote

“Painfully accurate,” someone added

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